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Bounty Earned: New Cardsmith Icon

We're excited to reveal the newest set icon for MTG Cardsmith. This icon brought to you by our own talented Cardsmith member, pewnd! He responded to the challenge and as a reward, earns himself three months of premium Cardsmith features!
MTG Cardsmith Set Icon
Keep your eyes on the Forums for more bounties, and give the new icon some love!
What are some other original icons designs you'd like to see? Leave us an idea or two in the comments section!
Oct 26, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Cracking Kaladesh Inventions

It's time once again to gather our patrons and crack some packs open for our October giveaway. This month we're taking a trip to Kaladesh, and even including two rare papercraft MTG Thopters as prizes!
Congrats to our September Patreon winners, Memnarchitect and CrispyImmortal, each will be receiving rares from the last of our Eldritch Moon run.
To see what wild inventions are waiting for us in Kaladesh, watch the reveal below.
To join your fellow Cardsmiths and be eligible for the next drawing, support us on $5 Patreon members not only get added to the drawing, they also receive premium account benefits for each month they support.

PS: A very special contest (with amazing prizes) is underway on the Forums, please check out Operation: Box, Contest Two. You could even walk away with a Booster Box of Kaladesh cards.
Oct 20, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Fading Eldritch Moon (Sept Patreon Giveaway)

Congrats to Cardsmith members gonk and Latinas on being the chosen winners for this month! What other prizes does the Eldritch Moon hold in store for us? Watch below to find out.
To get awesome features and qualify for the next monthly drawing, support us on Patreon:
To pick up a stunning playmat of your own, check out the always-open store:

Bonus update: We're expecting a shipment of Kaladesh packs for the next drawing! We're so excited that we've just released the Kaladesh set icons for use in custom cards. We'll see you among the tents of the Inventors' Fair!
Sep 29, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Enter the Grove Contest Winners

We had over 130 entries, making this decision quite the journey. But at it's end, there can only be three!
A HUGE thank you to all of our participants, we hope everyone had fun and enjoyed earning the unique contest avatar!

Sad you didn't win a playmat? No worries, we have plenty to share!
Haven't had enough? Perhaps you should check out the Operation Box contest, going on now!
Sep 14, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Eldritch Moon Prizes and Packs (August Patreon Giveaway)

Two lucky patrons walk away with some Eldritch Moon rares and we reveal the cards for our August giveaway.
If you can support the site or simply want to win some awesome cards in our monthly drawing - while unlocking premium site features, join our campaign at Thank you to all of our supporters!

Also there are just 24 hours left to Enter the Grove and win a playmat in our contest! Visit the Forums for all of the details, but hurry!

Aug 30, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith
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