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MTG Cardsmith Reveals New Design

We're excited to release phase one of some major design updates to MTG Cardsmith. Our homepage, card listings, preview and view card templates have all been updated to new mobile-friendly responsive designs! Some areas of the site are still in need of updates, including the card creators themselves. We will be rolling out updates to other areas as we continue new features and updates over the summer, with the goal of all major areas being converted by fall. We're still tweaking some things, so if you see something that looks a bit off, please let us know.

We'd like to give huge props to our Patreon supporters for their generous pledges over the recent months, which allowed for us to afford these new updates. If you like the new look or want to support additional upcoming features, please consider subscribing (and get premium features!):

In other site news, we're due for another card cleanup, scheduled to happen on June 11. If you haven't logged into your MTGCS account for the past 6 months, please do so if you want to maintain your exisiting cards or they will be removed. (PS. Premium Cardsmith members are automatically excluded from card cleanups.)


May 30, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Maintenance 5/30

We'll be taking the site offline for a few hours tomorrow morning to do some work. NBD, just giving y'all a heads up. Cheers!
May 29, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Mythic May: Shadows Over Innistrad Patreon pack

Greetings Cardsmiths!

Huge congratulations to Gonk for winning our April Crack-a-pack! Thank you for your support!
We are also crazy hyped to share the results of the pack opening for May, we even got a little tongue tied in the video. (Whoops!)

If you can support the site or simply want to win some awesome cards in our monthly drawing, join our campaign today at

More news is around the corner, lurking in the shadows...
May 20, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

May 10, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Tribal Trouble Contest Winners!

The judges have decended from their twilight towers to bring us the final verdict in our Tribal Trouble contest!
To view the full results, check out the Tribal Trouble Contest Winners page.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated, our judges, and our Patrons who made this contest possible.
Contest Winners: We'll be in contact with you on the forums very soon, please check your messages!
May 02, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith
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