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Printing Custom MTG Tokens

Nov 18, 2013 by MTG Cardsmith

Did you know it is completely legal to use custom tokens in sanctioned Magic events?
From the Official Rules:
A marker used to represent any permanent that isn't represented by a card.

That means you can further personalize your play experience by printing custom tokens using your artwork. For more realistic tokens, I recommend printing on heavy cardstock or bright white paper and then setting it over the top of a regular card. Take the new card and put it inside a pro sleeve with an opaque back.

How to Print Tokens

  • Open up the full view of your token card.
  • Save the image or copy and paste into a document or image editing program.
  • Resize the image to 3.48"x2.49" or 63mm x 88mm. (MTG Cardsmith tokens already have black borders and rounded corners.)
  • Print and cut around the borders.
  • Enjoy at your next FNM or Draft event!

PS. We've also made a small update to the Token Maker to improve the UI!
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