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CCC: Archenemy

We're excited to continue Coast to Coast Casual (CCC), a blog series written by East2West, published on MTG Cardsmith.

No matter where you are in the multiverse there is a darkness, an evil that lurks within the hearts of all sentient beings. Heroes may rise against these great evils but more often than not they fall to the sheer power of their foes. In the game of Magic only one format truly allows you to experience the power wielded by these beings. Whether a crazed inventor scheming and tinkering their doomsday weapon,a mad druid, bent on the destruction of all that is civil, an ancient dragon through whose eyes we are all nothing more than food, or a vastly powerful necromancer whose endless hordes will overpower any opponent. This is the format known as Archenemy. (For details see )

I first encountered Archenemy in my local target just after learning how to play the game. At the time I had no idea what it was or how it worked but it had Magic cards inside, and I wanted them. I never actually read the rules and the cards just sort of floated around in my collection for a while. Recently I heard about the format online and dug out the old box. I set it up and was kind of disappointed actually. The gameplay was fine but there was never any excitement in being the villain. They made the archenemy faceless so the player could implant themself but I honestly didn't like that. Then the second installment, Archenemy: Nicol Bolas came out. This is what I wanted. It was flavorful, it was fun, and for the first time the heroes had decks too! This gave birth to the idea of making my own Archenemy line.

First, I asked a friend what their favorite character from the MTG storyline was, then I got to work. They answered Phage who makes a great archenemy, now historically Phage was faced in a massive battle by Ixidor, Kamahl, and Akroma so the player decks were set. Almost every card included has a flavor reasons with a few added just so the deck can function. Below are the decklists as well as the designed Scheme cards for Phage

Phage VS Ixidor, Kamahl, and Akroma


Your Heroes Are Dust

When you set this scheme in motion for each opponent destroy a creature that player controls. For each legendary creature destroyed this way draw a card.

The Fallen Shall Be Your Undoing

When you set this scheme in motion each player puts the top three cards of their library into their graveyard. Then for each opponent put a creature from that player's graveyard into play under your control.

(2) From Nightmares I Am Formed

When you set this scheme in motion put your commander from your command zone into your hand. You may cast your commander without paying its mana cost until end of turn.

Seed Of The Deathwurms
(Ongoing Scheme)

When your commander dies abandon this scheme. When you abandon this scheme destroy all creatures then create an 8/8 black Wurm creature token named Deathwurm.

For All Your Heroism You Naught But Cowards

When you set this scheme in motion you may have target creature you control become unblockable until end of turn, if you do not then creatures your opponents control can't attack you until your next turn.

(2)Bleed For Me

When you set this scheme in motion each opponent loses 3 life, you gain life equal to the amount of life lost this way.

Your Screams are Music to My Ears
(Ongoing Scheme)

At the beginning of your end step each opponent chooses to either sacrifice a permanent or lose 3 life. The next time you are dealt damage abandon this scheme.

(2) Abandon All Hope

When you set this scheme in motion each opponent sacrifices a creature and loses 1 life.

(2) Turn on Your Masters

When you set this scheme in motion gain control of up to three target creatures until end of turn, at the beginning of your end step sacrifice a creature.

Any Last Words
(Ongoing Scheme)

Whenever an opponent casts a non-black spell they lose 1 life. At the beginning of your opponent's turn, abandon this scheme unless at least one of them has 10 or less life.

This Desert Shall Be Your Grave

When you set this scheme in motion all opponents lose life equal to the number of lands they control.

(2) Fear My Power

When you set this scheme in motion draw a card for each opponent unless each opponent discards a card.

My Resources are Limitless
(Ongoing Scheme)

Whenever you tap a land for mana it produces an additional mana of any color. At the beginning of each opponent's end step if any player controls no tapped lands abandon this scheme.

Your Paradise Shall Fall

When you set this scheme in motion destroy up to two target lands.

Hello Again Brother

When you set this scheme in motion the player piloting the Kamahl deck chooses self or others. If they choose self destroy all creatures that player controls, if they choose others or if the Kamahl player has already been eliminated all other opponents put the top ten cards of their library into their graveyard, then you may return a creature card from an opponent's graveyard to the battlefield under your control.

Please enjoy these precons and if you do play with them give me some feedback! I hope you all give Archenemy a try whether you do so by making your own, using mine, or just buying the product. And remember to be kind when playing, the archenemy is just playing a bad guy, they're still your friend.

Now as for why this article is a little late, some of you may have noticed that this is posted later than normal and there's a reason for that. I've got a big thing in the works involving Future Sight (the set) that ended up being longer than I thought (it's 10 pages and it's NOT DONE). So this isn't actually what this month's article was supposed to be. So get hype, next month we talk about the future of Magic through the lenses of R&D circa 12 years ago.

East2West is an aspiring writer from NJ currently seeking fame and fortune on the internet. She's been playing Magic since Zendikar block (the original one) and is a commander player with one deck for each two color pair and one for each single color. The only non EDH deck she plays is her own personal Pauper brew, Pauper Eggs. Follow her on her newly created and probably soon to be underused twitter @East2WestMTG.

Feb 18, 2019 by East2West

2019 - Year of the Pig

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

February 5th, 2019 marks the start of the Chinese New Year! This year's zodiac animal is the Pig, and as you may have guessed, it's also our Theme of the Month! This month we'd like to see you make some of your best Pig, Hog or Boar cards, and a few of you will even get to see your cards Featured this month, as we will pick some of the best to showcase!

Earned Avatar

Did you think that was it? Well so did I, but then we thought it would be even better if the Theme of the Month cards would get you an amazing Earned Avatar, and now they DO!! All you have to do to get it, is make a themed card and post it in the monthly February thread on the Forums, and within a few days, you'll be able to sport your NEW Earned Avatar!!

Featured Cardsmiths

This month we found two more incredible Cardsmiths to feature... bnew07 and DomriKade!

bnew07 burst onto the Cardsmith scene with a Batman contest of all things! His cards have steadily become favorites amongst other Cardsmiths, as have his challenges! bnew07 recently wrapped up the wildly successful Great Cardsmith Designer Search challenge and he is the most recent Circuit Challenge Champion. We posted a few cards here, but be sure to check out ALL of bnew07's cards when you have some free time!


DomriKade is our second featured Cardsmith this month and for good reason! Not only does he have great cards, but he's also a Level 2 Judge! We love DomriKade because he's always willing to offer help and put his knowledge to great use for anyone who asks. We put five of his fantastic cards here for you to look at, but don't stop there, he has over 250 more cards for you to check out!

Each month we're excited to highlight a few Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

Jan 31, 2019 by Corwinnn, & Tomigon


We're excited to continue Coast to Coast Casual (CCC), a blog series written by East2West, published on MTG Cardsmith.

It's early summer of 2014 and I've just ducked into my LGS to get out of the heat and pick up some new dice. I'm still about a year away from getting serious enough into the Magic community that I would know when a new set was dropping so you can imagine my surprise seeing tables laid out with drafts and games going on all around me. Something looks off about the games though and I soon realize that each game is four players. I'm floored, I thought multiplayer was for EDH only! I ask the store owner what's going on and he tells me about the new and exciting expansion, Conspiracy. I pay my admission and get three packs from the new and mysterious plane of Fiora. I open and read these cards slowly, my wheels turning at every hint at a multiplayer mechanic. When I saw the card at the back of my pack I think I may have actually squeaked. Pack one, pick one of my first ever Conspiracy draft was Worldknit. I tell you this because it sets the tone for what I want to talk about today. Draft is one of my favorite formats, not only for it's low price bar but for the inherent balancing effect it has. No player will win just because they spent thousands on their deck. Having a cube means you can draft with your friends anytime and without paying an entrance fee, if you have 360 cards I recommend trying to make one. You may ask yourself, "Where do I start?" "Do I need archetypes?" "What should my power level be?" now I make no claims to be a professional, or even good, Magic player but I do know how to have fun with this game. So please, sit back, crack open a box of bulk rares, and let me tell you my thoughts on how to make an amazing cube.

Part 1: Technical details and things for the uninitiated.

First step to making your cube is figure out the size and makeup. 360 is your minimum but you can go with more if you'd like, for example my personal cube is 600 cards total. I'd recommend starting with the 360 card size and upping it as you get more of a feel for the brewing aspect of it. 360 cards may seem large but it's the exact number you'll draft in an eight person pod, this means that most times you draft your cube the same cards will be available. This can lower variation and overtime make your cube predictable and less fun to draft. You also need to decide how much of any given color you want in your cube. Generally you want an equal amount of each so all players can play the combinations they want. In a 360 card cube the breakdown is usually 60 of each color with the remaining slots divided among multi colored, artifact, and land cards. Multi colored cards are important, they can help you establish the themes and draftable archetypes of your cube. Artifacts are super useful since they can be in any deck but be careful not to put too many in, it'll dilute the other colors. Fixing is important as well but for a different reason. If you provide too much 4-5 color decks will take over your cubes meta and if you provide too little your cube may become clunky and unplayable.

Next is deciding on archetypes, playstyle, and general tone. Deciding your playstyle should definitely come first. Is your cube going to be early game or late game focused? Single player or multiplayer? These decisions will impact what cards you'll put in your cube so decide on this before moving forward. Personally I don't think archetypes are strictly necessary but some swear a cube needs them. You can go with mechanical archetypes (Storm, Fliers, Undergrowth), type of play (Control, Aggro, Midrange), or functional themes (Flicker, Burn, Ramp). Your archetypes should generally fit within the ally and enemy color pairings. It can be hard to balance how many cards in any color go towards an archetype. For a 360 card cube the breakdown that works is to first decide what color combinations your archetypes are in. Enemy pairs, ally pairs, wedges, and shards are all options along with a mix of any of them. For this example let's say we're doing all two color pairings have archetypes. 12 card slots should be given to each archetype in each color it inhabits and 12 slots should be left in each color for cards that don't fit in the archetypes but you'd still want to include. Your tone should be decided based on what experience you want your players to have. Do you want your cube to be fun or competitive? Are Un-cards something you want to include and, if so, which ones won't take away from the experience? These are all questions you'll have to answer for yourself. Remember that this is your cube, what I'm laying out are just suggestions to get you started.

Part 2: My personal cubes and experience with them.

Over the course of my magic career I've built and used three total cubes, the most recent of which was made just for this article. The first cube I ever made was designed to be played in 1v1 matches, it was constructed of (at the time) cheap cards that I thought deserved to be played. This cube was dubbed, Best of the Bulk. It was playable and introduced the drafters to some cards that they probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. The decks that would consistently come into being were Naya Midrange, Esper Control, Rainbow Jund, Rakdos Aggro, and Four Color Azorius Artifacts. This cube was super fun and super casual but it's also an example of what not to do with your fixing. The fixing was too easy to slide in so three plus color decks and splash decks dominated the meta. It's also a good example of why you need to decide playstyle before sliding cards in. Bazaar Trader is a bad card in 1v1 magic, never forget that. NEVER FORGET THAT. Don't be embarrassed if you're first cube is kinda jank, we all start somewhere.

My second cube, known as The Power Cube was where I learned two important things. Number one, don't be afraid to put good cards in your cube. Number two, sleeve your cube. Trust me on the sleeve thing, people aren't very careful with cards that aren't theirs. This cube is the one I still maintain, the list changes often so I can keep it fresh but I keep a few cards consistent no matter what. Power Cube is a multiplayer cube that I made with the intention being pure fun. Draft matters and Un-cards are present in the list but the main focus was putting in cards that are fun to play with. This is also where I learned that the playgroup shapes the cube. Remember Bazaar Trader? Well in its first iteration Power Cube contained a Zedruu package that I thought was solid but I noticed more and more that no one would play it. In a more casual group maybe Zedruu would work as intended but in my group her donations were seen as bribes. To my chagrin, Zedruu was phased out for a much less interesting Mantis Rider. I'm not going to go too much into Power Cube here but I will write a supplementary article soon about just Power Cube and what makes it fun.

Finally the third cube, the Budget Cube. When I decided to write this article I thought it might be nice to give anyone out there a cheap (ish) way to start your cube career. I spent all month compiling, testing, and constructing my first cube to have archetypes and a cube that carries a price tag cheaper than most Modern decks. The Budget Cube is meant to be played with 1v1 matches and contains the following archetypes; Selesnya Tokens, Izzet Spells, Dimir Mill, Orzhov Flicker, Rakdos Aristocrats, Azorius Bird/Flier Tribal, Simic Counters, Golgari Graveyard, Boros Aggro, and Gruul Land Ramp. I actually goofed on this and forgot to put in any non-basic lands but it remains a playable cube. I encourage you to build it if you'd like or even just proxy it and sleeve it up.

I hope I've inspired you to go out and craft your own cube, and if not please consider building one of the ones below. See you in the supplement. Until then this is East2West, signing off.

Here are the lists for the cubes
Best of Bulk
Budget Cube
Power Cube

Here are links to test draft the cubes
Best of Bulk
Budget Cube
Power Cube

East2West is an aspiring writer from NJ currently seeking fame and fortune on the internet. She's been playing Magic since Zendikar block (the original one) and is a commander player with one deck for each two color pair and one for each single color. The only non EDH deck she plays is her own personal Pauper brew, Pauper Eggs. Follow her on her newly created and probably soon to be underused twitter @East2WestMTG.

Jan 19, 2019 by East2West

There's Something About the Forums!

Welcome to another New Year here at MTGCardsmith!
Our Giftsmithing event closed out the 2018 on a high note, collecting over $500 and donating all the profits to! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal!
There's Something About the Forums!

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One thing we've noticed is there are still a lot of Cardsmiths who never come to the Forums. We'd like to take a moment to invite anyone who ever has ever wondered, but never ventured over, to come and have a peek!

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Joining the Forums can really enhance your MTGCardsmith experience. We have lots of fun things to do and amazing people to meet and the best thing is... It's all free! So what are you waiting for? An Invitation?

Featured Cardsmiths

This month we thought we'd do something different for our Featured Cardsmiths. Normally we have an older Cardsmith and a more recent Cardsmith, but for the first Month of 2019 we thought it would be fun to feature not One, not Two but THREE somewhat newer Cardsmiths!

sorinjace is one of the more active Cardsmiths you'll ever meet. Not only is he always trying to improve his cards, but he hosts a lot of creative contests, always lends a helping hand, and he makes friends wherever he goes. If you've ever made a card here on MTGCardsmith, he may have even dropped a favorite or two on your cards! If you have a few minutes, be sure to check out his cards!

Aryanf is another Cardsmith you should know about. Not only is she sorinjace's lady, but she's also responsible for some pretty fun challenges, for helping bring awareness to Mental Health issues and for masterminding the Secret Santa challenge. Take some time now and check out some of her cards and give them some love!

Our third Featured Cardsmith, Dechujoh64 is a big fan of custom mechanics and he's always hungry for a good challenge! He constantly checks out the cards of other Cardsmiths and add favorites to the ones he likes. We think you should do the same and check out Dechujoh64's cards and put some favorites on the ones YOU like!

Each month we're excited to highlight a few Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

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CCC: True Legends

We're excited to continue Coast to Coast Casual (CCC), a blog series written by East2West, published on MTG Cardsmith.

As you saw last month I'm a fan of MTG lore, as someone who wants to one day become a fantasy writer I really enjoy that it's an aspect of the game. Through the years I've fallen in love with characters and, in true magic fashion, seen a lot of them die horribly. So, as a send off to Magic's 25th year of play, I'd like to talk about some of my favorite Magic lore characters. In no particular order these are 10 MTG characters that deserve a come back.

10: Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar

Before you ask that is her real name. I'm going to call her Asmor from here on out though. Asmor is featured in the Distant Planes anthology of Magic stories which takes place on Dominaria (mostly) before The Mending. She's a wizard and a chef who summons a demon named Vincent who demands she feed him. After running out of food Asmor makes a deal with Vincent so she herself is not eaten. For seven years and seven days Asmor is to become the personal chef of Vincent. During this time she wrote The Underworld Cookbook which is actually referenced on a couple cards. ( this one and this one.)
I won't spoil the rest of Asmor's story but it's one I enjoyed for its humor and plot.

9: Ixidor

Ixidor is one of the many characters that fell to the "Story cards must be weak." phase of Magic's history. In the books and lore Ixidor is an ex-illusionist who discovers he can actually warp reality itself! He discovers this power near death in the desert and uses it to create a beautiful oasis. Ixidor is also the creator of the angel Akroma, who was an attempt to resurrect his dead love. The story of Ixidor is sad and beautiful. I cried at multiple points through the book and I truly believe he deserves some attention, if not that then at least a playable card.

8: Tibalt

Bear with me on this because I'm not talking about actual Tibalt. See in the real lore Tibalt is a horrible man who tortures innocents and deals with demons. He's a pain born Planeswalker with a bloody past. Or at least he was before the fans saw his card. Tibalt is a horrible planeswalker card, there are whole essays about how bad he is. So almost as a joke the community latched onto him, reimagining him as this failed villain. In the minds of the fans Tibalt is this adorable little demon who tries so hard to be evil but he's just too cute! This is the Tibalt I support, screw the lore, fan Tibalt is the Tibalt we deserve!

7: Hamu and/or Ikenet

The second of three entries from Distant Planes the story of Hamu and Ikenet is beautiful. Hamu is a hurloon minotaur who lives in isolation. One day he finds a pregnant woman, Ikenet, dying in the snow. He takes her into his home and nurses her back to health. It's a story of love and emotion, when I read this for the first time I was smiling and crying at the end. You'll see tears are a theme of this list. Hamu and Ikenet is the sweetest and most wholesome love story I've ever read about in MTG lore

6: Kamahl

Kamahl's story spans a lot of the older books and it's a doozy. He's a great foil for a character we'll see later on this list and his arc is long, winding, and rewarding. He goes from revenge driven barbarian to druidic fighter and that journey is one to behold. Seeing how the writers go into his thoughts is an experience I find hard to describe, I found Kamahl to be so human that every time I read a book with him in it I felt like I was visiting an old friend. His cards are okay and the fact that both his Barbarian side and his Druid side have cards is nice but I urge you to read more about him. Let me share that feeling of friendship with you dear reader.

5: Helena and/or Illith

Did you know the demon on Demonic Tutor has a name? Because I sure didn't. The final entry from Distant planes is the story of Helena, a priest, whose father is whisked away by a planeswalker to fight a battle. This leaves Helena alone and afraid. She uses the powerful magic stones of her church to find the planeswalker but as she enters the plane a battle is underway. Caught in the middle she flees and hides behind some shrubbery only to encounter Illith. Illith is the Demonic Tutor and he was summoned to this battle and greatly wishes he wasn't. Illith joins Helena on her quest and the two become fast friends. This story is one of the ones that left me grinning ear to ear. Illith is a hilarious character and Helena is a relatable protagonist. This was hands down my favorite story from Distant Planes and I can't recommend it enough.

4: Xantcha

If you read last month's article then you already know a bit about the fine Phyrexian lass Xantcha. Unlike other Phyrexians, Xantcha realized that her actions were wrong and ended up helping Urza in his attempts to bring down Phyrexia. Xantcha is overlooked in a lot of the lore but she deserves a lot better that a simple mention. She's a canonically good Black and Red mana wielding character and that shows something. Xantcha rebels against her nature and is a great example of the way mana colors effect characters. Xantcha's black mana searches for power while the red mana showed her the way to rebel against the Phyrexian overlords. Xantcha deserves more than a backup commander card. More Xantcha or we riot!

3: The Brother's Yamazaki

Kamigawa legends as a whole are kind of glossed over lore wise since Kamigawa block was a mess, despite this I believe these brothers deserve a mention. The Brothers Yamazaki were two twins who left their small village to join up with Konda's forces during the war. After Konda made the decision to retreat from Sozekan Range, despite the fact that many innocents there needed help, the brothers left in disgust. The joined up with Godo for a while and soon became his most trusted lieutenants. After a failed assault of Eiganjo castle the brothers received a letter from their father saying their village was under assault. They returned home and defeated the Kami of Ice and Fire that had been attacking their village. During the battle their father was killed causing the brothers to reluctantly take up the mantle of village guardians. They defended their village through the war and never once did they lose. Their village never fell and still stands today, however this story does not have a happy ending. The brothers actions were never officially recorded anywhere leaving them to be forgotten and, due to the death of their father, after the war was over the brothers parted ways and never spoke again. This tragic tale of heroism and duty makes these two A+ heroes in my book. Their brotherly bond deserves an update for Commander. Kamigawa needs more love so take these buff bros into your hearts. Yamazaki forever.

2: Hannah

I love the Weatherlight crew, the original one, none of this new fangled Jhoira shlock. It was a epic and tragic tale love, loss, friendship, duty, and the greater good. Every crew member was well written and well designed and I became so attached to each and every one. Hannah was the best character of them all, the true cream of the crop. Even though she was an artificer Hannah had a kind heart. She showed love and respect to all and left hope in her wake. Her death tore my heart out and probably represents the saddest I've ever felt about a fictional death. Literally anything new with Hannah would make me so happy, whether a canon resurrection or just a new card Hanah deserves a second chance at life. In truth though maybe it's best she doesn't get it, her sacrifice was meaningful and saved thousands. If she came back what would that be worth?

1: Chainer

Chainer is hands down my favorite character in all of MTG lore. I picked up the book Chainer's Torment at a garage sale about a year after I started playing Magic and honestly that book is probably what kept me going. Chainer is a character whose flaws are on display and it makes him glorius. He's undeniably shifty, he is a black mana character, but he does try to be good. His deeds are kind half the time and he makes such a good hero. I'm not going to spoil the ending of his story but it's tragic. It made me close the book and have an all out cryfest before I could continue. Chainer is a good guy doing bad things and if there is anyway possible for him to return to the MTG story I hope it's taken. We need more characters like Chainer who can exemplify their color identity yet also advance it. Chainer is hands down the best character in MTG lore and it would take a miracle for me to change my mind.

Now that the gushing is out of the way below are some links to some of the books mentioned above. I highly recommend these three specifically with Distant Planes being tied for best with Chainer's Torment. Onslaught is good but it pales to the other two. So to all of you out there in the multiverse reading this, happy holidays.

Onslaught Cycle
Chainer's Torment
Distant Planes

East2West is an aspiring writer from NJ currently seeking fame and fortune on the internet. She's been playing Magic since Zendikar block (the original one) and is a commander player with one deck for each two color pair and one for each single color. The only non EDH deck she plays is her own personal Pauper brew, Pauper Eggs. Follow her on her newly created and probably soon to be underused twitter @East2WestMTG.

Dec 14, 2018 by East2West
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