Year of the Fire Rooster

Official Card Contest

Contest Winners

  • Jarqual, the Arrogant
    By: lucrios

    1st Place

    Jarqual's design absolutely screams Fire Rooster from the moment he enters the battlefield, knocking over friendly soldiers and taking their equipment; and after ensuring everyone is watching, marching with purpose towards the cowering enemy.

  • Pyrha, the Ram-Skull
    By: Lujikul

    2nd Place

    Pyrha knows how to party and she wants to take all of her friends out with her. Just don't leave her behind, or you'll never hear the end of it.

  • Larsa, Ravishing Beauty
    By: koover

    3rd Place

    Larsa is a very different take on the personality of a Fire Rooster. She demands order and control from friend and foe alike. Her protective abilities making her especially sticky against an aggressive enemy.

Official Contest Entries