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  • 03/23 7:40

    I am not 100% sure those are bot accounts. They have favored a variety of cards, some of them made by reputable Cardsmiths. Plus, I have seen some of those accounts in the far past, probably before Magic-123456789's account was created. But just a warning to Magic-123456789 and others: MTGCardsmith takes bot accounts very seriously. If you are using them, which you probably aren't, we would highly advise you to stop immediately,

    That being said, how about some nice constructive criticism?

    1): When you write an ability, always add a : sign after the mana costs and tapping/untapping symbols. This makes your cards look much more professional.

    2): If an ability has an additional cost, like paying energy on this card, put a comma instead of a : sign after the mana costs and put a : sign after the additional costs.

    3): Periods are important for cards. Don't forget them!

    4): Instead of "X: You get X plus two (nrg),' I would add an additional clause to the destroying ability like '1B: Destroy target creature. You get X (nrg), where X is the destroyed creature's toughness.

    5): I would highly suggest using 'Human Assassin' instead of the card's title in the creature type box.

    So I would format the card like this:

    1B: Destroy target creature. You get X (nrg), where X is the destroyed creature's toughness.

    [T], Pay X [nrg]: Draw X cards.

    [T], Pay X [nrg]: You gain X life.

    [T], Pay X [nrg]: Each opponent loses X life.

    Does that make sense, Magic-123456789?

    Shadow Stalker by Magic_123456789
  • 03/23 7:29

    Skittles 2.0! Except I See Several Accidents, For Example Enchantment Instead Of Legendary, And Using Could Twice.

    Malfor, God of Blight by Ryukami
  • Beydin13 said:
    03/23 7:24

    Whoa. After attacking you can cast another copy of this card. Then sack that for legendary rule. Boom,....lots of damage based of static and trigger effects from other goblins. My bad too op.

    Surk-Tabak, Fiery Trickster by Beydin13
  • Damnation said:
    03/23 7:12


    Shadow Stalker by Magic_123456789
  • 03/23 7:09

    Fortify is already a keyword. It's like Equip, but for lands.

    Flint, Tenacious Colony by MagicChess
  • 03/23 6:32

    Seriously? More bots?

    Shadow Stalker by Magic_123456789
  • luxlucia said:
    03/23 6:31

    Most likely will come back to this card, as I am unsure on the balance of the card. It's just the last iteration of the five that I went through.
    I know it's irregular for an uncommon to revolve so much around exile, but it's something I would like to try.

    Edit: It should say other target creatures you control (on the second ability).

    Visionmist Wanderer by luxlucia
  • Phelgming said:
    03/23 6:19

    No problem. Glad you found my feedback useful!

    Dragon Hunters Trap by TenebrisNemo
  • 03/23 6:15

    Definitely. I'd probably consider an enchantment version even:

    Creatures can't have or gain indestructible, shroud, or hexproof.

    Brittle Curse by Highwayman
  • 03/23 5:35

    Like Sorin could beat Emrakul.

    Pretty cool card. It would say "Exile all other creatures and planeswalkers" instead

    Battle of the Ages by BradXmagic