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  • jojjohe said:
    04/01 9:15

    crouching worg hidden goblin

    Hidden goblin by arnau322
  • Corwinnn said:
    04/01 9:00

    Post your Theme cards HERE!!

    The Fools of April Abound!
  • 04/01 8:45

    basically it acts as an auxiliary life pool. the prevent damage part is so that hourglass of fate can still be dealt with besides "destroy target artifact" because not everyone runs it in their deck. also it only prevents damage if it is dealt via a player attack meaning that trying to use burn spells become pointless thus shutting down burn decks

    Hourglass of Fate by TheCatThug
  • Corwinnn said:
    04/01 8:42

    Enjoy this Featured Card by one of this month's Featured Cardsmiths!!

    Mizziplasm Channeler by strongbelieves
  • Phelgming said:
    04/01 8:41

    Ordinarily I'd agree, but a draftable commander product is coming.

    Erupt Blade by Ranshi
  • Temurzoa said:
    04/01 8:10

    Blast from the past! Nice seeing this card again

    Mizziplasm Channeler by strongbelieves
  • jojjohe said:
    04/01 7:48

    to be fair the set symbol is from a commander set, so you won't ever play with this in limited.

    Erupt Blade by Ranshi
  • Phelgming said:
    04/01 6:27

    Should be an uncommon. It's got both power and versatility; not something you want at common at this mana cost due to concerns for draft and sealed.

    Erupt Blade by Ranshi
  • Phelgming said:
    04/01 6:22

    Would have liked this card more if it just costed {u}{u} or {1}{u}. White doesn't do anything here.

    You also want to avoid having Gold cards at common outside of sets with multi-color themes and support. Mirrodin Besieged was not such a set. This isn't something you can easily fix by changing the rarity if this card either since there's no other reason for it to be anything other than common.

    I appreciate the formatting, but I think that's really the only leg it has to stand on and, frankly, it's not as impressive as cardsmiths formatting sagas or adventures to work on custom cards.

    Sorry, this one just falls flat for me.

    Light of Revelation by Damnation
  • 04/01 6:03

    In the outrageous tradition of Balance and Pox

    Cognitive Balance by Scott_Anderson