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  • 01/24 11:07

    Funny art, but Liliana's no Rakdos planeswalker. She's pure black. It should have been Sarkhan or Daretti up there or something.

    Wrecking Ball by EricDietz
  • 01/24 11:00

    Created for:

    Another couple of keywords not used together before.

    Evolve (Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

    Graft N (This creature enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters on it. Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may move a +1/+1 counter from this creature onto it.)

    Croc by Faiths_Guide
  • 01/24 10:45

    Not even close to what? Being successful flavor wise.

    If that is the case, may you leave further comments on this post?

    Knight of the Holy Flame by modnation675
  • 01/24 10:44

    It isn't a living being. It was created by a god and its sole purpose is to purge the impure!

    As for the protection from you, It is assumed that your player is the god that brought it into being. (Or at least that is what is brought to believe!) Personally, I would make thy own creations impervious to thy rage. But it's far from invincible from your wrath!

    Edit: Forgot to mention that it's your flame inside of it! :)
    ---> That is why the flavor text changes perspective from first and third person oddly!

    Wrath of God

    Knight of the Holy Flame by modnation675
  • 01/24 10:35

    For the Fire Rooster contest:

    Fun fact: "Gallus" is Latin for Rooster.

    Gallus, Talon of Zendikar by UndeadZombie22
  • 01/24 10:30

    It's supposed to be a unique and odd card that is designed to support less aggressive WR decks. (Although it supports TK Zoo! A never played deck essentially.)

    The idea is that it survives Your outbursts and is supposed to penalize the use of planeswalkers!

    Knight of the Holy Flame by modnation675
  • Lucrios said:
    01/24 10:29

    I SUPER like this design. excellent work. only thing i'd have done different is I would have went blue/green for simic and made it look like a cloning facility or similar to pics like miming slime and phantasmal image. I'd use simic because they use slime alot which is easily moldable and they have no quarrels killing things to make their things better. Least that's the base thing i would do. perhaps look into making the survivor more rewarding to encourage people to pick move valuable permanents. id say give clone 2 +1/+1's but that only works for creatures not other permanents but something along those lines. otherwise casting it could just mean everyone picks 2 of the same basic land. however for such low mana cost that isnt necessarily a bad thing and i wouldnt say its imbalanced just something to consider. :)

    sorry for the wall of text your card just really got me thinking lol

    Bolts of Unpredictability by KJMartin
  • 01/24 10:27

    You're right, although it was supposed to be a sideboard card rather than main board. (Unless you have a lot of curse like cards to exploit!)

    Edit: This is in reference to the testing version not the current!

    Knight of the Holy Flame by modnation675
  • Lucrios said:
    01/24 10:07

    Lol, believe me i can understand that XD

    Jarqual, the Arrogant by lucrios
  • jchen5012 said:
    01/24 10:07

    your grammar is wrong lol. It should be "A really freaking big cookie". Just a heads-up

    A Really Big Freaking Cookie by Death_Methods