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We're excited to finally reveal some major improvements to the My Account area of MTG Cardsmith. All pages have been updated to the new site styles, with additional support for mobile users. The Account Home page has an updated activity feed, your latest card, your most loved card, and additional account information.

Much of the previous functionality for managing and deleting cards and sets is still the same, but with an updated and improved UX. We want to make it easier for members to manage their cards, so in addition to removal tools in My Account > Cards, a Remove Card icon has been added to the View Card page for any card you own. Members can also add cards they own directly to a set from the View Card page as well. We hope these additional tools give you more flexibility in curating your custom cards and sets.

As a new feature for our Premium members, account statistics have been collected and added to your Account Home page. Click the View Stats link to display your collection stats by Color, Rarity and Type. We hope to add additional valuable stats to this area over time.

What's next?

Well we've been working on this area for a while, but its time to return to our bread and butter. We want to update the card image upload process, and spend some time on a new M15 Planeswalker editor that will be as robust as its M15 Card counterpart. The old forms need to be brought up to speed with our new styles as well. How can you help make these things happen? Support us on or with a Premium membership! Proceeds go into supporting and improving the site.

Other News

On Dec. 1, we will be purging cards for accounts that haven't logged in since June 1, 2016. Premium members are excluded from this list. We do this every so often as the server begins to fill up with card images. It's necessary to clear away some of the old, to make room for new cards and new ideas. As long as you have logged in since June, your cards will be safe.
Nov 22, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith
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