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Feast of the Month Club™

October is gone, and so are the Pumpkins! The Theme of the Month was such a smashing success that we thought we would keep it going.

Feast of the Month

November is synonymous with Thanksgiving here in the States, so for our Theme of the Month we're going to be looking for cards with the name "Feast of..." in their name. Some of our favorites just might become FEATURED!

Featured Cardsmiths

Teacup's cards are often whimsical and fun, sometimes traditional but always amazing! Even if you don't recognize her name, just know that she has been making cards on MTGCardsmith for quite some time now, and her designs are some of the best. Take a few moments to look over her cards, and prepare to be amazed!

image image image image image

AustinSmith is one of our more prolific Cardsmiths, but he is more than just a guy who makes a lot of cards. Ask almost anyone around and you'll discover he often finds the time to offer up his sage advice on other Cardsmith cards, all the while working on his own cards and on multiple card sets. Check out some of his cards, you won't be disappointed!

image image image image image
Nov 04, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith

October Is Here!

Theme of the Month

This month, in honor of Halloween, we're going to be looking at cards with PUMPKINS in the art. All throughout October, a couple of lucky Cardsmiths will earn a FEATURE if we pick your Pumpkin themed card!

Featured Cardsmith

This site is driven by all of the amazing Cardsmiths who have contributed to our success, and to all the ones who are contributing now! Here are the first two Cardsmiths we'd like to feature.


Beeswax has been around for quite a while. His cards are some of the most favorited cards on the site, and for good reason. His concepts are well thought out and his designs constantly challenge the way we look at our own custom creations. Take a minute to check out this amazing Cardsmith!

image image image image image


He started off making Batman cards. Mind you, they were solid Batman inspired MTG Cards, but they were Batman cards nonetheless. We had no idea he would stick around and not only make all sorts of non-Batman cards, but he's been one of our many helpful Card Advisors, always offering helpful advice to anyone who will have it! If you've ever heeded the sage advice of Platypusburger, then spend a minute mulling over a few of his cards!

image image image image image

Alert: Upcoming Card Purge

It's that time again, we'll be cleaning out the card vaults for users who haven't logged in since June 1, 2017. Also, Premium members are excluded from card removal, thank you for your support!

Oct 12, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith

Unboxing Ixalan Bundle

We're also giving away the Foil Mythic we pulled in the video, over on our Facebook Page. The winner will be chosen randomly on October 15, so don't wait.
Oct 03, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith

Getting Started

First off, if you're new here, Welcome to MTGCardsmith!

We have a lot of regulars and even more visitors who roam the halls here, but don't be frightened... we're here to help!

Pick a good name and start your account from the Sign In button at the top of the page. The reason you'll want to pick a good name, is because this is how people will address you. Try to avoid using a dash in your name if you plan to participate a lot, as you won't get any notifications when people tag you.

When you're ready to create new cards, we have a lot of resources for you to check out if you'd like to use them. First off is the Forums. The Forums is where we all go to find and enter challenges, show off our newest cards, post our custom sets or just hang out.

Once you hit the forums, you are always free to just jump in and hit the ground running, but if you want to join in slowly, that's alright too! Some people join and never participate, they just come for the witty banter and some of our world famous Tutorials!

Whatever you come here for just keep in mind a few things. If you want to criticize a card, be polite and constructive. This is a place where we have a lot of really bright kids, but they're still kids and we want to keep this a place they can come to and have a good time. If you want to make a card that might be too risqué or too adult oriented, by all means feel free to make that card, just download it to your computer. If it's not appropriate for the site, it won't stay on the site for long. If you're not sure what we look at when considering what cards get removed, check out our Terms of Use and our Forum Rules.
Sep 27, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith

What is MTG Cardsmith?

If you are new to our shores or simply returning from a long voyage, we'd like to remind everyone out there exactly what it is we do. MTG Cardsmith was created to provide online tools for digital custom Magic: the Gathering card creation. We've set out to be the best, fastest, and have the largest community to share your ideas with.

What MTG Cardsmith is NOT:
  • We DO NOT print or sell custom magic cards
All artwork uploaded to the site is at the discretion and permission of the user. We have strict rules in place for the types of artwork allowed (see our Terms of Use), but MTG Cardsmith is not responsible for requesting artists permission to use artwork.

This site is solely for creative use, and was built for a group of fanatics and Magic players that was underserved with the tools available. We may not be perfect, and there are Other Tools around, to be sure. But we are proud of our community of makers, thinkers, and card concept wizards.

Where can you go from here?

Check out ongoing custom card contests on the forums!
Create your own account and follow your favorite members.
See this weeks Featured Card!
Sep 14, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith
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