CCC: My Wet Hot Phyrexian Summer - Part 4: Exhibits

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Phase 4 (Exhibits)

Phew, we finally made it to the actual point of this article. Give yourself a round of applause. So now with all this history behind us lemme show you why the Mirrans should have won the war.

Exhibit A: Immunity

Something interesting about Mirrodin that didn't happen on Dominaria is the presence of beings with immunity. See Melira here for example Now whatever it is that makes her immune isn't inherently transferable but it is a sign of hope. We also see that Venser has immunity and is able to transfer it to Karn at the end of the story. If only we had some sort of super genius to figure out this process. Perhaps someone Karn has recently become aware of. COUGH JACE COUGH!!!! Like seriously it can't be just Melira, there have to be others. Point is it's a possibility that really irks me.

Exhibit B: Weaponry

The Phyrexians that invade Mirrodin are actually Mirran in origin and therefore would have started with a relatively small army. Infecting those that fought them but still a relatively small amount to start. Now let me introduce you to just a few of the resources the Mirrans have that could have just ended the war before it began. I understand that most of these would never actually happen since WOTC is trying to tell a story but for the purposes of this let's put that to the side. I'm open to being wrong here though so don't hesitate to weight in.

Lux Cannon:

Literally can put holes in the world. Set a trap, lure all the phyrexians into a specific spot, fire Lux Cannon, rinse and repeat. At the beginning there wouldn't have been many so this would have worked.

Mimic Vat:

Create a whole army of Melira. Like seriously just xerox yourself an army of immune elves. Boom.

Shimmer Myr

The Shimmer Myr hides between the seconds, it was also built by yah boy Memnarch since it's a Myr. Reverse engineer him and figure out how he does it. Now you have infinite time and a safe way to get around. Hell yeah.


So all but the black sun are shown to be on the Mirran side or at least under the Mirrans control. Each one holds incredible power and there's an argument to be made that "by their powers combined" they could have totally ended this whole thing.

Exhibit C: Dominaria

This has got to be the one that bugs me the most. Dominaria beat Phyrexia using the Legacy Weapon and the Null Moon. The Null Moon was an artifact filled with white mana that cleansed the Phyrexians and Yawgmoth of infection, thus killing them. Well Mirrodin has a literal moon filled with white mana so one down. Now they may not have the original legacy weapon but let's actually boil down what made up the Legacy Weapon and why it could have been constructed on Mirrodin with Karn's help.

The pieces of Ramos

These were important because they provided the Legacy with colored mana. If only there was an artifact on Mirrodin that could do that. Oh wait, there's a bunch. From Gilded Lotus to Mox Opal these pieces are 100% accounted for. Or if you like the different color producing Myr.

Chimeric Sphere

What this did for the Legacy I have no clue but Mirrodin is home to a Chimeric Mass so I'm gonna say covered.

The Juju Bubble

This is a bad card that gains life and Mirrodin has an actual better version of it in Tanglebloom


Karn himself is part of the Legacy and he was on Mirrodin so canonical check here

The Mightstone

The Mightstone has a mighty similar effect to SIGNAL PEST. That's right folks Signal Pest is part of the Mirran Legacy!

The Mind Stone

There isn't actually a direct and defensible Mirran version here but they could definitely make one. It adds colorless which man cards from Mirrodin do and it sacs for draw which other stuff on Mirrodin can do.

Null Rod

Once again no Mirran equivalent, feels bad here since it's actually a complicated design. Not sure what this did in the legacy but we'll actually get to why that might not be important in a minute.

Power Matrix

Buffs a dude. Mirrodin is full of stuff that can do the buff, like I won't list them all but a close example might be Golem Artisan

There's more but honestly I want to get to the good bit that is why most of that doesn't matter anyway. See when Urza designed the Legacy he designed it as an idea. Something that could never be destroyed. It is actually canon that the Legacy will actually adapt and assemble itself when needed replacing whatever parts aren't available with new ones. That's why Karn's presence matters. He's part of that idea and that means a new Legacy will eventually form around him if Urza did his work right and honestly when has he not. The point is the Legacy isn't as concrete as it seems and there's no reason a Mirran version can't be assembled.

TL;DR. Phyrexia sux, Yawgmoth's a jerk, Urza invented an idea that can invent itself. Urabrask is chill. Melira is underrated in commander.

Read it again with Part 1: Birth of Phyrexia

East2West is an aspiring writer from NJ currently seeking fame and fortune on the internet. She's been playing Magic since Zendikar block (the original one) and is a commander player with one deck for each two color pair and one for each single color. The only non EDH deck she plays is her own personal Pauper brew, Pauper Eggs. Follow her on her newly created and probably soon to be underused twitter @East2WestMTG.

Dec 07, 2018 by East2West
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