New Feature: Custom Sets + Profiles

If you log into your account today you are going to see plenty of new features waiting for you to explore. First and foremost is Custom Card Sets - a way to organize the cards in your account however you want! We anticipate people will use these in a variety of ways, and designed them to be as flexible as possible. Create a set, a draftpack, a commander deck, or just about anything.

The Basics:
  • First, create a new set by clicking the "Create Set" button on the "My Sets" page in your /account area. Give it a name and a short description.
  • Next, you will be shown the Edit Set page, where you can add your cards by name, control card order, preview cards (hover over the name), and remove cards from your set. The left sidebar shows you important details about the set you are editing.
  • You can also add cards directly from your "My Cards" management page. Hover over a card and click the pencil icon for an edit popup that will allow you to quickly add to a set or remove the card from your collection.
  • To view your new set in all of its glory, click on your screenname (top right) to view your public profile. The new default view for profiles is a Custom Set grid, displaying all sets a member has created!
  • If you want to change the order sets are displayed in, you can do so in your account management pages, on the "My Sets" tab. Click and Drag the control icon on the left side of each set block, then just drag to your ideal position in the list. If you have over 15 custom sets, you can quickly load more (by pressing the button at the bottom) and change the order for all sets at once.

For some quick examples of sweet new profiles, check out our beta users: AtheraCollaborationSet, Corwinnn, and Suicidal_Deity! If you have any additional question about Custom Sets, please check out this thread on the forums!

Member Profiles

We've also included some major organization updates to member profiles. As we've discussed in a previous post, we want members to feel proud of their profiles and share them with others. We believe the new, more organized interface accomplishes this goal.

Other Updates

In addition to the above features, we were also able to give a big boost to our webserver, thanks to our supporters on Without your support we couldn't have done it! The actions of these few members have also given back directly to the community, by allowing us to increase the default card capacity to 1000 cards! Thank you Patrons!

If you like the new features and want to support future updates, please consider joining your fellow supporters. We greatly appreciate it!
Sep 06, 2015 by MTG Cardsmith
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