Giving Thanks

This is always a special time of year around MTGCardsmith, so we thought it would be awesome to bring back an amazing event and turn it into our Theme of the Month! It's the Month of Giving Thanks! We're inviting everyone to post a card that was made by another Cardsmith, one that inspired you, one taught you something new or one that you think deserves a feature. We'll review all nominations and pick a handful that best represent the spirit of our awesome community.

Check out the inspiration for our theme...
And as our way of Giving Thanks, at the end of the month, one Cardsmith who nominated an amazing card will be chosen to select a Featured card of their choice, from their own cards!
Limit FOUR submissions per Cardsmith.

Featured Cardsmiths


Not much is known about MercifulNeptune except this Cardsmith started making cards in November of 2014 and has quietly amassed 0ver 700 cards. When I first started, I always loved to check the cards made by the top card makers and I would try and learn the craft from them, and for me, one of those Cardsmiths was MercifulNeptune. Check out their collection, where you'll find new and old cards alike!!!


If you weren't aware, the undead aren't just zombies and skeletons, but actual Cardsmiths too! Undead the Cardsmith hasn't been around as long as our other Featured Cardsmith, but has joined the community with great card designs, fun challenges and cool contest entries! If you don't believe us, just check out all the cards Undead has made... but be warned... just like the name implies, you'll find a lot of dark dealings in there!

Each month we're excited to highlight just a couple of Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

Oct 31, 2018 by Corwinnn, & Tomigon
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