Secret Santa on MTGCardsmith!

Is that who I think it is?

We're very excited to bring you the MTGCardsmith version of Secret Santa! How does it work? Well it's very simple! All you need to do is favorite and submit up to three cards created by other Cardsmiths via PM to Corwinnn & Tomigon. Let us know why you picked these cards and what makes them so good. Featured cards for December will chosen from among cards submitted this way.

But wait... there's more...

On December 25th, Corwinnn & Tomigon will select the best Secret Santa. That person will get to select a card of their own to be featured! How is that for a Christmas surprise?

How to send a PM in the Forums

Just in case you're not familiar with the Forums and want to participate as a Secret Santa, simply log in to the Forums by selecting the Forums tab at the top of MTGCardsmith. From there, go to your Inbox, select New Message, choose the recipients (Corwinnn & Tomigon), write your message (including links) and then hit Post Message! It's just that easy!

Featured Cardsmiths

benw, in case some of you don't know, is one of our favorite Cardsmiths who has recently returned from a long hiatus. Take some time today and look over some of benw's creations, as we feel there are quite a few unseen cards in this collection that will astound and amaze you!

Arceus8523 is a very active Cardsmith, but if you don't pay attention, you might not notice! An experienced Set Builder and designer of great cards (Check out some of Arceus8523's commons... they're nicely thought out!), Arceus8523 not only uses other platforms to make cards but also has his own YouTube Channel about Magic! We hope you'll take some time and check out both of our Featured Cardsmiths, as they are both creative and thought provoking!

Each month we're excited to highlight just a couple of Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

Dec 01, 2019 by Corwinnn, & Tomigon
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