Spring Updates

Lately we've had a spat of server-related issues affecting performance and uptime. We appreciate your patience while we continue to diagnose and dig into these issues.

Related (and also a factor) to this is the fact that we are over-due for another card purge for inactive accounts. There are two ways to avoid losing your cards: if you have logged in since January 1, 2017 or by becoming a Premium member on the site (and supporting ongoing development). The next purge will take place on May 21, 2017.

In other news, we're also shutting down our Patreon campaign at the end of June. We've been able to build subscription tools for automatic premium membership right into the site, and no longer need to involve a third-party application. Thank you to our long time Patreon supporters over the past year, we could have never made it this far without you! (Be sure to checkout Patreon for more details if you are already a supporter.)

If you want to see what Premium features add to your profile, you can use the promo-code 'HEXPROOF' to get your first month for just $1, until June 1st. Becoming a member helps offset the cost of server hardware, software licenses and applications we use to keep MTG Cardsmith running. Sign up for Premium today!

SSL Certificates and Disqus
Recently we also moved the site over to SSL encryption for all pages. This was done for increased security and to become more standardized with modern website expectations. A side-effect of this was losing much of our disqus history that was tied to unsecured urls. We are actively working with Disqus to find a resolution and reimport those comments to the new system.

Summer Contest Ideas
We'd like to host another big card contest this summer, but we want to hear from YOU what would be a great theme. Have an idea for us? Leave it in the comments below - if we choose yours you can even be a judge!

May 09, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith
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