There's Something About the Forums!

Welcome to another New Year here at MTGCardsmith!
Our Giftsmithing event closed out the 2018 on a high note, collecting over $500 and donating all the profits to! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal!
There's Something About the Forums!

Once upon a time... a much darker time, MTGCardsmith only had the card making portion of the site and we stumbled around discussing cards and creating contests through Disqus comments. Then one day the Forums were born and there was much rejoicing!


One thing we've noticed is there are still a lot of Cardsmiths who never come to the Forums. We'd like to take a moment to invite anyone who ever has ever wondered, but never ventured over, to come and have a peek!

Logging into the Forums

This couldn't be easier! Just log in to MTGCardsmith as normal, then click on the Forum link at the top of the page. You will automatically be able to log in as your Cardsmith Identity. From here you can explore the various categories, like the Tutorials (Which Tomigon and I feel is a great place to start!) or you can jump right into the Contests and Challenges!

Jumping In!

MTGCardsmith has long been known as one of the most friendly sites on the internet. The reason for this is we're all committed to helping one another hone our craft and improve our card making skills. Don't be afraid to jump in and participate or ask questions. There are a lot of helpful people on the Forums, just as there are on Disqus, and someone is always willing to lend a hand or offer advice.

Frequently Asked Forum Questions aka Yes, Click the Link!
Welcome to the Forums!

Joining the Forums can really enhance your MTGCardsmith experience. We have lots of fun things to do and amazing people to meet and the best thing is... It's all free! So what are you waiting for? An Invitation?

Featured Cardsmiths

This month we thought we'd do something different for our Featured Cardsmiths. Normally we have an older Cardsmith and a more recent Cardsmith, but for the first Month of 2019 we thought it would be fun to feature not One, not Two but THREE somewhat newer Cardsmiths!

sorinjace is one of the more active Cardsmiths you'll ever meet. Not only is he always trying to improve his cards, but he hosts a lot of creative contests, always lends a helping hand, and he makes friends wherever he goes. If you've ever made a card here on MTGCardsmith, he may have even dropped a favorite or two on your cards! If you have a few minutes, be sure to check out his cards!

Aryanf is another Cardsmith you should know about. Not only is she sorinjace's lady, but she's also responsible for some pretty fun challenges, for helping bring awareness to Mental Health issues and for masterminding the Secret Santa challenge. Take some time now and check out some of her cards and give them some love!

Our third Featured Cardsmith, Dechujoh64 is a big fan of custom mechanics and he's always hungry for a good challenge! He constantly checks out the cards of other Cardsmiths and add favorites to the ones he likes. We think you should do the same and check out Dechujoh64's cards and put some favorites on the ones YOU like!

Each month we're excited to highlight a few Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

New Feature: Set Stitcher

Combine up to the first 32 cards of your custom set into a handy, downloadable image - great for wallpapers or social posts of your custom sets!
To find this feature, go into set management for your account, click on the set you want to stitch and look for the Try Set Stitcher button on the left!

Jan 01, 2019 by Corwinnn, & Tomigon
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