This Is Spooktoberfest!

The night descended like a Vampire upon it's prey, swiftly and without remorse. In one minute the sun and it's warmth permeated everything around us and in the next it retreated beyond the horizon, masked by a darkened cloudfall and an eerie cold mist that emanated from the nearby cemetery.

To my left, Tomigon's breath turned to a fog. What's this? he asked, watching his words float in the air before us.

To my right, Ian_The_Guru answered. I don't know, but it's giving me the creeps! 

Their voices hung in the air for just a brief second or two, and while we marveled at this sudden turn of events, a most wretched scream pierced the moment we were standing in.  We spun to the left, twisting our heads in the direction of the scream. Tomigon's right arm reached out to alert me of the danger. 

I think it came from the cemetery. he said to me, pointing with his left hand in the direction of the depository of the dead.

I think you're right. I replied

We simultaneously turned from the cemetery, only to behold that Ian was no longer with us. Then we heard more yelling from behind us... from a house just next to the graveyard...

Help Me!

It sounded just like Ian.

Both Tomigon and I looked into the cold dark cemetery, mist lazily floating toward us. We looked at each other. Then we both nodded our heads, jumped into our car, and drove away from the cemetery. As we drove off, I rolled down my window and shouted...

We'll see you tomorrow, Ian! We gotta tell everyone about Spooktoberfest!

Spooktoberfest is here, and this year we've got an amazing Earnable Avatar to give away! Resident Artist at The Media Shop, Chris Blackstock has designed the amazing Pumpkin Avatar that you can only earn by participating in Spooktoberfest!

How to Participate in Spooktoberfest

This month we're not actually going to be accepting entries for Spooktoberfest, which leaves a little bit of a question as to how one would participate. The answer is rather simple, all you need to do is enter any one of the Halloween themed challenges in the forums this month. Throughout the month we will check each of the Spooktoberfest challenges and distribute the new avatar to those who have earned it.

Featured Cardsmiths

The first of our Featured Cardsmiths this month is IronCrusher! We've been looking forward to picking this cardsmith for a while now and we're happy to finally show him off to anyone who isn't familiar with this talented Cardsmith. He has so many great cards to choose from, and we really hope you'll take the time to see as many as you can! We've hand-picked five below that we think you're going to enjoy, but don't stop there! Be sure and check out all of IronCrusher's cards!

image image image image image

Revan is our second Cardsmith for October, and we're equally excited to be featuring him as well! Not only does Revan make awesome Magic the Gathering cards, but he's also got quite a few great Star Wars and Lord of the Ring cards as well. We hope you like the five cards below that we've picked for your enjoyment. If you do, be certain to stop off and check out the rest of Revan's amazing collection!

image image image image image

Each month we're excited to highlight just a couple of Cardsmiths that have helped make MTGCardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!

Oct 01, 2020 by Corwinnn, & Tomigon
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