What is MTG Cardsmith?

If you are new to our shores or simply returning from a long voyage, we'd like to remind everyone out there exactly what it is we do. MTG Cardsmith was created to provide online tools for digital custom Magic: the Gathering card creation. We've set out to be the best, fastest, and have the largest community to share your ideas with.

What MTG Cardsmith is NOT:
  • We DO NOT print or sell custom magic cards
All artwork uploaded to the site is at the discretion and permission of the user. We have strict rules in place for the types of artwork allowed (see our Terms of Use), but MTG Cardsmith is not responsible for requesting artists permission to use artwork.

This site is solely for creative use, and was built for a group of fanatics and Magic players that was underserved with the tools available. We may not be perfect, and there are Other Tools around, to be sure. But we are proud of our community of makers, thinkers, and card concept wizards.

Where can you go from here?

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Sep 14, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith
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