Year of the Dog

The Chinese New Year is upon us, and that means only one thing! The Theme of the Month for February! It's a month long celebration of your best Dogs, Wolves and Hounds, and as you know, a few of our favorites will end up as the featured cards this month.
Go one step further and post your card in our Year of the Dog Challenge and earn a unique profile avatar!

Featured Cardsmiths

For many years now, the wise and glorious Cardsmith known as Suicidal_Deity has illuminated our grand halls with his eloquent words and grandiose ideas. While I'm not quite the wordsmith that our featured Cardsmith is, he has inspired and challenged many of us during his tenure here with interesting challenges, mind blowing custom mechanics, sage card advice and out of the ordinary card concepts. He was gone for a while, but has since returned to continue his reign of terror making great custom cards!

ningyounk is our second featured Cardsmith this month. His cards and concepts have filled many pages of MTGCardsmith, and the Forums as well. Never one to just think inside the box, ningyounk continues to amaze and inspire Cardsmiths young and old alike! Take a few minutes to see what I mean...

Each month we're excited to highlight just a couple of Cardsmiths that have helped make MTG Cardsmith the best interactive online Card Creator. We hope you'll take some time to check out their creations!
Jan 31, 2018 by Corwinnn
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