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Eldritch Moon Rising (July Patreon Crack-a-pack)

We're finally ready to reveal the winners of our big June giveaway, and we get a chance to open our first packs of Eldritch Moon for July's Patreon crack-a-pack giveaway.

Patreon MILESTONE REACHED: Playmat Giveaway

Our amazing patrons have done it once again, and we've hit our next goal! At this level, the two winners for next month's drawing will also each be receiving their own MTG Cardsmith Forge Playmat!

If you can support the site or simply want to win some awesome cards in our monthly drawing, join our campaign at
Jul 29, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Five Years of MTG Cardsmith

We're celebrating our fifth year this month, we can hardly believe it! What an amazing, unstoppable community this has become. With that in mind, we've got some awesome updates to share:

  • HYBRID BORDERS - are now available for everyone!
  • SPLIT BORDERS - are available for Early Access to Premium accounts, with a huge thanks once again to Cryptonight! Available to all members in early July.

We're continuing our celebration with this month's Patreon crack-a-pack giveaway. Congrats to Noobplayzgames for winning our May Crack-a-pack! Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy your new planeswalker!
And now, for the June prizes:

Patreon MILESTONE REACHED: 2 Packs Per Month

Thanks to generous donations from the following members we just hit our next goal! While we remain at this level we'll be opening two booster packs, and giving away two prizes each month! Thank you Patrons!

If you can support the site or simply want to win some awesome cards in our monthly drawing, join our campaign today at
Jun 19, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Forum Contest Prize Rules

We're making some updates to how contests work on the forums. If you haven't seen our member contests yet, now is the perfect time to check them out!

Contest Rewards:

If you are rewarding a contest winner with Favorites or by Following their account please adhere to these guidelines:

  • 1 Follow per Member, no spoofing fake accounts for follows
  • Card favorites should be limited to a max of 5, again no spoofing accounts and no abusing the favorites system.
  • Token/Trophy cards are an excellent way to direct attention to the winner's card or profile. (Social sharing is also a great tool for this.)

If you want your contest to have more enticing types of rewards for participants they must follow these rules:

Physical Rewards:

If you wish to host a Contest offering physical rewards (card packs or booster boxes), you can do so by sponsoring a contest through MTG Cardsmith. Contest Sponsorship can be obtained through a donation for prizes (packs etc) and available on a limited schedule. If you have a donation for prizes and would like to sponsor a contest, please contact @mtgcardsmith on the forums. Members are not allowed to send physical prizes out directly, or request address information from other members.

Digital Rewards:

A quicker alternative to reward contest winners and participants is to gift them Premium Membership to MTG Cardsmith. Using our new Membership page, anyone can now securely Gift or Purchase premium membership benefits for any other user on the site (including yourself)!

The reasons behind creating these rules are simple, we want to give players an easy way to offer valuable rewards for contests, but still maintain the safety and integrity our forums and member contests have enjoyed for so long. Please remember, these rewards are not required to host a contest, so hop on the forums and share your contest idea if you've got one brewing!

Jun 18, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

Hybrid Frames Early Access

With an incredibly huge thanks to Cardsmith member, Cryptonight, we now have the resources for split-border hybrid frames for the M15 card editor. As of tonight, Premium account members have early access to use and create cards with the new frames. After the next set of updates, the new frames will be made available to everyone.

To select a two-color frame, use the Advanced Card Color dropdown, and scroll to the new Hybrid Frames options.

We've got some additional frames in the works and will return with a full update once those have been processed and added.
Jun 10, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith

MTG Cardsmith Reveals New Design

We're excited to release phase one of some major design updates to MTG Cardsmith. Our homepage, card listings, preview and view card templates have all been updated to new mobile-friendly responsive designs! Some areas of the site are still in need of updates, including the card creators themselves. We will be rolling out updates to other areas as we continue new features and updates over the summer, with the goal of all major areas being converted by fall. We're still tweaking some things, so if you see something that looks a bit off, please let us know.

We'd like to give huge props to our Patreon supporters for their generous pledges over the recent months, which allowed for us to afford these new updates. If you like the new look or want to support additional upcoming features, please consider subscribing (and get premium features!):

In other site news, we're due for another card cleanup, scheduled to happen on June 11. If you haven't logged into your MTGCS account for the past 6 months, please do so if you want to maintain your exisiting cards or they will be removed. (PS. Premium Cardsmith members are automatically excluded from card cleanups.)


May 30, 2016 by MTG Cardsmith
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