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  • Saveria said:
    05/27 3:01

    Okay here's what I'm thinking.

    I've been researching five color god tribal particularly theros block and found a few themes. (http://www.gatheringmagic.c... And particularly and several deck lists on tapped out)

    I think I can fix this card by
    Hybrid cmc so three colors can hard cast it. This at least seems to be a borderline playable way to include it in decks that want to focus on devotion rather than all gods.
    Secondly the first ability to: "You may pay 1 life and exile a multicolored card from your hand rather than pay Force of Devotion's mana cost." And lower the devotion it grants you to "Your devotion to all colors is your devotion to that color plus 3." The avatars of lorwyn are commonly included in theros god decks, so I think this would be appropriate? I will update this and see how it looks.

    Force of Devotion by saveria201
  • 05/27 2:54

    The list of cards that you can tutor with this is actually alot! I love the design XD +1 from me!

    Imp Possible by Involutus
  • 05/27 2:50

    Woop woop! Mechanics! Trying out the Etherialize mechanic that I tested out with Goblin Pocketsnatchers last time, but this is actually the card that I had in mind when I first wanted to make the mechanic (I just didn't have the right art piece that said, "this is the perfect one" XD, and credits to Hugh Pindur for making this piece! ) ! I don't know if it should be at instant speed or not, but I think it's relatively safe to the point where I hope it doesn't matter XD I don't know if I should enter this for the Mechanix 30 list, but I'll think about it I guess haha. That's all I have to say for now, so I hope you all have a nice day! Happy cardsmithing to you all from me!

    Labyrinth Informant by ManaChrome
  • 05/27 2:33

    I decided to play around with the new assist mechanic from Battlebond! I love the idea of this arena plane filled with these 80's-90's-ish punk style yet sorta glorious sorta feel with all the combatants and colored hair XD. Hope you guys are having a good day! See you all next time I make another card! Happy cardsmithing!

    Shatterclove Disarray by ManaChrome
  • 05/27 2:18

    Retribution fix-up help by @Tomigon

    Talio, King of Retribution by Dechujoh64
  • 05/27 1:59

    This is alternate version of the card, thoughts would be appreciated. The Filter mechanic can be seen explained on some alternate cards I have made.

    Cin, the Exiled Scavanger by Cincronen
  • 05/27 12:09

    Imba card

    Cthulhu by Wiedzmin
  • Saveria said:
    05/27 11:57

    I'm not familiar with the archetypes or the card Worm Harvest so I was interested in what you and others think. Bases on all this I'm considering how to perhaps adjust this card.

    Force of Devotion by saveria201
  • ningyouNK said:
    05/27 11:37

    I'm a little confused by the comment, maybe I missed something?

    We're talking about this card, right?:

    Worm Harvest is a card that scales according to the number of lands in your graveyard. It seems you're both implying that sacrificing five lands with Force of Devotion would synergize with "Lands-in-the-graveyard-matter" decks with cards like Worm Harvest, the Gitrog Monster, or Centaur Vinecrasher? If so, keep in mind that lands are all colorless permanents so you cannot play Force of Devotion by sacrificing lands. Besides, sacrificing a land to pay for one mana is a terrible rate even for a deck that looks to have lands in its graveyard. Finally, this archetype is very well rooted in green/black, so I don't think the "BG graveyard lands", "five-colour-matters" and "mostly-monocolour devotion" are very compatible archetypes with one another.

    Force of Devotion by saveria201
  • ningyouNK said:
    05/27 11:15

    Flashy? I don't know, it's basically worst than the Shade mechanic "{cost}: CARDNAME gets +N/+N until end of turn" that we sometimes get at common and it's one line of text with one short keyword. I just tried to incorporate some flavour by transforming the +N/-N that black and red sometimes get to represent recklessness into a "physically distorted" flavour.
    It's well within the 12-words count, it's all abilities that are used regularly at common (you could replace Scurry with Menace in a blink) and it's costed really conservatively (1/4 for 3 is a really bad rate.) I don't think it raises any red flag for common under New World Order ^^

    Crooked Stallion by ningyounk