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  • sorinjace said:
    05/21 2:06

    Did you know there is a metal band of the same name?

    Strapping Young Lad by TheCaptain010
  • 05/21 2:05

    Thanks for making my card

    Perfect Construction by SammySammyson
  • 05/21 1:49

    There's already an established character in MTG called Azor and this isn't it, so you should probably change the name to something else. Also, I think that you could lower the cost of giving those memory bank counters in terms of mana by a decent amount (probably down to two or three). Also also, there are wording issues.

    Azor, Mech Dragon by markbarney
  • sorinjace said:
    05/21 1:27

    Yeehaw pardner! This card was made for the Wild West Challenge contest going on now on the forums hosted by cardsmith Phyrexian_Bolas!

    Check it:


    Sheriff Hunter by sorinjace
  • sorinjace said:
    05/21 1:05

    Eh? Maybe. He could just have resting "angry" face. :)

    King Conker the Squirrel by Dechujoh64
  • S. Rivers said:
    05/21 12:46

    This is genuinely really cool. Might I make a suggestion though? I'd revise the card / remake the card to include something along the lines of either "...If a non-token green creature died..." or "...If a non-token creature of the wolf or hound type died..." Feels like it'd fit the overall vibe of the card itself better that way.

    Still really cool either way though!

    Mourning of the Pack by axspringer
  • S. Rivers said:
    05/21 12:43

    Despite being a Mythic Rare, the cost to play him is still too low for what he does. Especially considering he's not blockable. I'd suggest remaking him, but with either a higher summoning cost, or I'd recommend making his forced discard ability cost mana to be used. If you're going for a more realistic, could be seen in actual MTG game, sort of vibe.

    Dathoro, Scourer of Minds by DuskTheGolden
  • sorinjace said:
    05/21 12:35

    Cast Through Death got all the love, so why not Cast Through Space? :) both cool cards.

    Cast Through Space by sanjaya666
  • sorinjace said:
    05/21 12:29

    "Enchant Equipment

    Enchanted Equipment has "Equipped creature gets +2/+2" and "Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage, draw a card." "

    No big deal, just grammar errors. Not sure if on the rules text if there should be a period at the end of +2/+2 or not even though it would nkrmally say it (does that make sense? It feels a little weird to me.) Also, I feel it would make more sense on a white and blue aura to get to draw a card if the creature deals combat damage, whereas damage itself is more of a red or green or even black thing. It's just an opinion though. Also, this aura isnt really necessary to go on a equipment instead of on a creature, but i guess it does have its advantages for enchanting an equipment instead of a creature. Hope these suggestions help! :)

    Empower Weapon by sanjaya666
  • Frostbvrn said:
    05/21 12:05


    Lazotep Flatulence by pstmdrn