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  • Ezra Butt said:
    10/23 8:17

    Thanks! Lorwyn/Shadowmoor definitely has my favorite MTG art. I kind of figured there are some landfall creatures that would be broken with this card but I still like it. I know WOTC has previously said land counters were too cumbersome, but I don't see how they'd be any more confusing than the evergreen keyword counters from Ikoria.

    Sphagnum Legenyes by crawdadswelcome
  • Ezra Butt said:
    10/23 8:08

    Finally got around to this edit, thanks!

    Xenarth Hoplite by crawdadswelcome
  • Corwinnn said:
    10/23 8:01

    Another late night creation. Designed around the Art.
    Comments always appreciated

    Illeana of Duskmere by Corwinnn
  • 10/23 7:21

    The funny thing is that I used this exact artwork for my own take on a non-Dimir cipher card some time ago. Guess this scroll looks very ciphered! But this card is probably much better than mine one, good job Temurzoa

    Fateful Verdict by Temurzoa
  • Usaername said:
    10/23 6:15

    ah yes, the eternal conundrum. Big font too big, small font too small

    Wingbonder Huntress by Usaername
  • Usaername said:
    10/23 6:14

    but do you know what kin dog stax is

    Priestly Propheteer by Ranshi
  • Silandur said:
    10/23 5:31

    Let me know what you think of this card, I have zero experience balancing cards so suggestions will definitely be taken and considered heavily.
    I am aware that some of the wording is not right, but I ran out of space.

    Oran, the Lightmaker by Silandur
  • Irihihi said:
    10/23 5:03

    This effect reminds me of Recoil, so I don't think that black alone has the ability to bounce things. Maybe cost of 2UB? I like the Ephemeral ability, though!

    Deadly Slaughtering by joemamajoe
  • 10/23 2:47

    I have never minded it. The only time it looks bad is when you preview a card with small font, realize it doesn't work and change it to small font. Since your brain has already made the connections for the font looking a specific way. I've always run my phone and computer at high resolution, or small fonts, so there is also a bias for me as well.

    To me though, they both have their place. I've thought cards I've made with small font looked bad, but I've also thought the large font kind of looks like the font you'd use in a children's book, so large, like I am not capable of reading and need big blocky letters.

    I'm also a huge fan of flava text, so that usually necessitates small font.

    Wingbonder Huntress by Usaername
  • Vert said:
    10/23 2:37

    Hmm I dunno. You could do an emblem, would be interesting and ok since it's silver bordered. You could just say "for the rest of the game" maybe? Emblem is easier to remember but it's up to you.

    I left my opinions on your newest card :) I like it.

    A-B-C Demon by sorinjace