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  • sorinjace said:
    03/23 7:13

    Hi SmallJem, just followed you I dropped a couple entries in your contest thats what lead me to your profile, I got a couple pointers here for your card, hope you don't mind!

    "First strike

    When another creature dies from damage dealt to it by Questing Beast, if Questing Beast has three or less
    +1/+1 counters on it, put a +1/+1 counter on Questing Beast.

    Remove two +1/+1 counters from Questing Beast: Search your library for a basic land card and
    put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library."

    The wording for the damage to the creature may still be a little off, but i think its closer now. And fetching a nonbasic land may be too powerful, so i put basic land rather than just land in the rules text. Hope this helps.

    Also the less then 4 counters simply means three or less counters. And Fairy Tale shouldnt be a creature type. We get thats the flavor of the card, but the creature type section should be used to describe what type of creature this creature is otherwise it will confuse people, especially new players.

    Questing Beast by SmallJem
  • sorinjace said:
    03/23 6:59

    So THIS doesnt get deleted, but a card of mine with a female warrior with smaller breasts gets deleted?

    Not hatin on the card, just... wth man.

    Dark Moon Hekate, Lunar Queen by Biblio3
  • sorinjace said:
    03/23 6:57

    Its cool, but reverse the words token and creature around and it'll be fine. Nice card! :)

    Mother Cheetah by Ilmarinen
  • 03/23 6:43

    Thank you very much! My grammar was never great, thank you for the correction. Do you know if there is a way I could edit without remaking the whole card?

    Galloping Lizard by Kiwi
  • Lophane said:
    03/23 6:29

    Gross... I love it

    Flea by dragons365
  • Lophane said:
    03/23 6:24

    Love the card except for that first ability, it's too powerful.
    Original Ugin has a + that deals 3 damage, this deals 5+ damage, gains you 5+ life, and tutors a big evasive creature to your hand... I would remove the damage and lifegain or make it reveal a dragon from your hand and then do damage and lifegain.

    Ugin, the Returned
  • 03/23 5:34

    I disagree. I compared this a lot with Necrotic Wound while creating it. This costs {1} more, can only be cast during another player's turn, can only target creatures the active player controls, and does not kill creatures with indestructible, unlike the other card, which has a good chance in doing so. Also, Necrotic Wound exiles the target creature if it dies, while this one gives you life equal to its toughness instead.

    Sudden Feast by TenebrisNemo
  • Ranshi922 said:
    03/23 5:30

    Can't let go was easy. If you want a challenge, play my level Zealous Enigma without using the cheat that I used to publish it. (I made it because I built the level around my trail, I just can't reproduce it....

    Can't Let Go by turtlegunner95