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  • Orzhova said:
    11/14 5:23

    Is Doubling Season really that strong? Obviously it is a commander staple but did it make an impact in any other formats? I just think that being a creature and thus much easier to interact with balances out the card, although perhaps it could do with being a little smaller.

    Tyrant of the Tides by Orzhova
  • 11/14 5:10

    Using Coldblood by Jonteman93
    Included in Mechanix Challenge #34

    Tusk Boar Rider by Jonteman93
  • 11/14 5:05

    Phelgming, Sometimes you might need to venture onto the Forums because the last 2 abilities are in the MC 34 contest.

    and if you want to NICHE all over Honor-Bound you may go to captain_Pugsley for that.

    Kragg, Relic Colossus by sorinjace
  • 11/14 4:52

    Why no green? Hulk is becoming angry. Hulk is becoming dangerous!
    If I understood correct he has already filmed a couple of cameos but yeah. Someday they will run out of those pre-filmed cameos.
    Sad. so sad.

    Stan Lee, Maker of Legends by Lujikul
  • 11/14 4:28

    Quick to get out, costs the enemy more mana than it costs you... and it makes sense. I love it, but I'm a huge fan of Conan the barbarian, Riddick and diablo games. Piles of bodies after a massive battle.. just beautiful!

    Pitched Battle by Fallen
  • 11/14 3:57

    Great for any kind of combat based deck. Offense, or defense, or both! Those that survive, get stronger.

    Tested In Battle by EricDietz
  • Phelgming said:
    11/14 3:39

    Feels way too good considering Doubling Season is one of the more powerful cards ever printed, but doesn't go both ways and doesn't come with a body. Yeah, this requires more colors and one extra Mana, but still.

    Tyrant of the Tides by Orzhova
  • Phelgming said:
    11/14 3:37

    Honor-bound is too niche of an ability to be keyworded. It relies on your opponent's deck if it wants to be at all relevant and even then it's for something that rarely happens.

    It should just be an ability on one card as opposed to a keyword. Keywords need to be spread across multiple cards and colors and at each rarity.

    Kragg, Relic Colossus by sorinjace
  • 11/14 3:03

    Yeah, I thought that creatures that push effects up to their attachments would be a fun space to play with. Turns out to be a bit limited, just because there are only so many properties one might want to add to auras and equipment, but still some potential there I think.

    Goblin Porter by ChainsawXIV
  • Whoknoes said:
    11/14 2:46

    This is a great idea! I would love it in my counters matters EDH

    Julius the Impervious by Eavae