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  • 10/16 8:25

    The card effect helps Finish the game, also the commander listed is not the main commander for the deck. This will be posted later today (10/26).It also helps other warriors(MKIA89)

    Legendary Warrior by nikjens
  • 10/16 4:18

    what do you think?

    Eru, god of All by Forgotten-Eru
  • 10/16 2:02

    The screams were the worst thing I had ever heard.

    Before the crossbreed I was just like all other vampires - I drank the blood of humans through their neck. I was a neck drinker as they are called nowadays. We thought nothing wrong of it. We would stalk our prey in the night, sometimes we would even greet them with a friendly gesture. It was their last moments in life after all.
    When we did the act we would appear behind them, put a hand over their chest just beneath their neck then move their head to the side so their neck would be accessible.
    They rarely screamed of either of pain. Most of them would give a long sigh and their bodies shake but the shock would numb their senses long enough. They would die before they had realized what had happened.
    We took pride in how we did it. Silent and cold as the night itself.

    But this new generation of neck drinkers were never taught how it should have been done.
    Or perhaps they simply do not care how and who they target.
    They would force themselves upon their victims, they would not give them any sign of gentleness.
    They would be ruthless as they struck down the humans and drained them of their blood.
    The words of these are the neck rippers. As cruel as starving bears they live their victims molested and shattered.
    Often unrecognizable by their loved ones.

    Then the night came - I was following the trail of one notorious neck ripper. She had slaughtered three men that night and left their limbs outspread across the streets. Then I would hear a scream. A young eight year old boy had been caught by the neck ripper. I ran believing I could save him but I was too late. I heard the boy scream as his neck was ripped open, how his lungs was filling up with his own blood. He was coughing up blood as the neck ripper ripped of chunks of his flesh. When I finally found them the boy was already dead.

    The monster that had killed him was drunk on blood, so drunk that it was clear to me that she would have taken my blood as well. Without thinking I decided that she had to die. I pulled out my sword and decapitated her as she was feasting on the boy.
    It wat then when I decided that I would not just obey the law. I would hunt down the neck rippers. I would not stop until the last of them had been burned to ash.

    Neck Ripper Vampire by Jonteman93
  • 10/16 7:13

    I love seeing other colors in the text box. 👍

    Resonant Round by cadstar369
  • Corwinnn said:
    10/16 6:41

    Please enjoy this Featured Card, hand crafted by one of our Featured Cardsmiths for Spooktober!

    Prophet of Embers by Treiberz_Returned
  • 10/16 3:19

    tombstalker would only net {b}{b} as this card only gives you mana for each colored mana symbol in the cost..

    Ancestral Mox by Spatialdebris
  • 10/16 1:03

    I thought the same but my device was moderated so I couldn't type this

    Ricardo, Halfbreed Hunter by Meleander
  • 10/16 1:03

    Too broken for its cost

    Ricardo, Halfbreed Hunter by Meleander
  • 10/15 9:57

    Mystery Box Challenge: Create a 1/1 creature that costs {g/w}{w/u}{r/w} using the given artwork by Michael Cooper.

    Also completed in 30 minutes as part of a duel against Hex and Harvest!

    Opalescent Wyvern by cadstar369
  • 10/15 8:52

    Inspired by this scene over in the Spellwebs thread.

    Cherry Violetta by cadstar369