Axototl, Nature God
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Axototl, Nature God
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Axototl, Nature God
Axototl, Nature God

Affinity for artifacts, Convoke, Flash, if you
didn't spent mana to cast this spell, draw 2 cards,
this creature's power is equal to the amount of
mana used to cast it, and gains the following abilities depending of that type of mana:
{c}: Indestructible, {w}: Lifelink, {u}: Hexproof,
{b}: Deathtouch, {r}: Haste, {g}: Trample,
{s}: nonbasic landwalk, All: basic landwalk.
{p/c}{u/r}{u/r}: Copy target instant or sorcery spell,
you may choose new targets for the copy.

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