October Is Here!

Theme of the Month

This month, in honor of Halloween, we're going to be looking at cards with PUMPKINS in the art. All throughout October, a couple of lucky Cardsmiths will earn a FEATURE if we pick your Pumpkin themed card!

Featured Cardsmith

This site is driven by all of the amazing Cardsmiths who have contributed to our success, and to all the ones who are contributing now! Here are the first two Cardsmiths we'd like to feature.


Beeswax has been around for quite a while. His cards are some of the most favorited cards on the site, and for good reason. His concepts are well thought out and his designs constantly challenge the way we look at our own custom creations. Take a minute to check out this amazing Cardsmith!

image image image image image


He started off making Batman cards. Mind you, they were solid Batman inspired MTG Cards, but they were Batman cards nonetheless. We had no idea he would stick around and not only make all sorts of non-Batman cards, but he's been one of our many helpful Card Advisors, always offering helpful advice to anyone who will have it! If you've ever heeded the sage advice of Platypusburger, then spend a minute mulling over a few of his cards!

image image image image image

Alert: Upcoming Card Purge

It's that time again, we'll be cleaning out the card vaults for users who haven't logged in since June 1, 2017. Also, Premium members are excluded from card removal, thank you for your support!

Oct 12, 2017 by MTG Cardsmith
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